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Welcome to our Hotel!

During your check-in process, would you like to tick this box on your check-in form, indicating if you would like to be contacted in case you forgot something in your room?


Our top priority is privacy.

Fino guarantees to handle every guests private information with the utmost discretion.

Our process was designed to not interfere with your guests privacy.

In order to achieve this, Fino has come up with a 2-fold security system, which makes sure that only the person who has been a guest at your hotel or restaurant can see that something has been left behind.

Once the person who has left something behind has responded to one of our automated emails, the information that was included in that email will no longer be viewable.


This is just one of many ways Fino takes in order to be able to ensure utmost discretion.

Find out more about our discretion policies by sending us an email at or by filling out our contact form.