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-Customer Satisfaction

-Customer Retention

-Revenue Streams

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Fino - Return made Easy, is a one in all solution for every process of the hotel and restaurant lost & found department. Our technology can be integrated in under an hour, is fully automated and proven to be customer satisfaction enhancing.

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Our System

Through our API connection to a hotel's operating system, the Fino desktop and mobile systems are able to save time and cost and also enhance customer satisfaction.

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- gone are the days of messy storage rooms, unsatisfied customers and wasted income

Who we are for:

Fino is a solution created by and tailored to the hotel and gastronomy industry. Offering customisation methods for each type of hotel and gastronomy category, our team made sure to incorporate everything there is in order to make Fino available for every hotel and restaurant out there. If you have any questions, simply click the button below.

Discretion and Privacy -

Our Top Priority

Privacy is our top priority. Through our 2-fold security system, Fino guarantees maximum discretion. 

Guests also always have the option to simply say that they do not wish to be contacted by Fino.

Fino wants to ensure the best possible stay for your guests. We let you take care of your guests even after they have checked out and are at all times in line with the latest data protection laws and strictest privacy policies. 

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Our simple set-up

estimated timeframe: 1 day

Get in Contact

The first step is often the hardest. With FINO, all steps are easy. Get started by simply getting in contact with us

Software Set-up

Afterwards, we'll get onto setting up your accounts. We'll manage this for you, so that you can focus on whats important.


Next, we'll have to connect the management software to our system. But don't worry, this won't take longer than an hour.

Download & Access

Once the systems are connected, all that's left to do is to download our app and access our system. You're good to go!

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