Who is Fino for?

Fino is a solution created by and tailored to the hotel and gastronomy industry. Offering customisation methods for each type of hotel and restaurant category, our team made sure to incorporate everything there is, in order to make Fino available for every hotel and restaurant out there.

How long does it take to make full use of Fino?

Our onboarding can easily be carried out in under a day. Moreover, during that timeframe, we won’t be needing more than an hour of your time – most of the stuff will be completed by our team remotely.

How much does Fino cost?

Fino basic and all of its services are completely free of any charge to our client hotels. There is also a premium version that comes with a minimal price tag

Are there any studies that have been carried out to validate the claim that Fino actually enhances guest satisfaction?

Yes, our team has completed several surveys that have been validated by third parties. Guest enhancement satisfaction is just as much our priority as it is yours. Think about it, nothing should ever really be lost.

In which countries is Fino available?

As of January 2021, Fino will be available in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, The United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Italy.